Transforming the Future: ‘Adaptation’ holds the Key

The human race has come a long way in advancing the quality of our lives through innovation. At the heart of this advancement lies our relentless endeavors to learn, adapt, and transform the future through technology. At NewEyes, it’s no different; and we have taken a leaf out of the book of natural biological adaptation to develop a novel AR/VR based technology that will transform the future of learning and interaction on an industrial scale.

Learning and Evolving through our Senses

It is an open secret that humans have long relied on their five senses to interact and learn from their surrounding environment to aid their survivability and adaptation. From developing memory and social skills to cognitive perception and knowledge retention, audio-visual sensory stimuli have probably played the most pivotal role in the way we have employed our senses to steer the course of human advancement.

Coming full circle: The digital age and Virtual Reality (VR)

Almost 70 years since the advent of digital age, technology today has reached an inflection point where we no longer need to rely on the outside world for the stimuli. Virtual reality today has made it possible for us to immerse, interact, and learn from a simulated 3D environment within the confines of our personal space. But VR is still not mainstream and there is an elephant in the room, one last but key technical challenge to overcome.